Sunday, December 10, 2023

NFT Collector Loses $2.2 Million in a Scam

According to online news sources, a collector of non-fungible tokens has reportedly lost 16 tokens from his NFT holdings in a phishing scam. The NFT collector is also an art curator based in New York who goes by the name of Toddkramer.eth on Twitter. As per the news sources, the collector’s account was hacked when he clicked on a supposedly genuine NFT decentralized application. This DApp was disguised as a phishing scam, and it allowed the hacker access to his tokens. The hacker was able to steal around 16 tokens on the OpenSea platform successfully, however, the rest of the tokens were saved after the platform froze them at Todd Kramer’s request.

It has been found that the 16 stolen tokens in his NFT wallet belonged to 3 different collections. There were around 8 Bored Ape Yacht Club tokens, 7 Mutant Ape Yacht Club tokens, and 1 CloneX token. The 8 Bored Ape Yacht Club tokens amounted to around 497 ETH, while the Mutant Ape tokens were worth 79.1 ETH. The collective value of all the non-fungible tokens combined comes up to around 593 ETH. This is equivalent to $2.2 million. One of his CloneX NFTs was later sold on the OpenSea platform for around 17 ETH.

Following the hack, Todd Kramer gave an interview in which he advised people to use hardware wallets to protect their online wealth. This phishing scam is the latest in the series of hacks that are taking place on different platforms. A week before this attack, another user reported that he was scammed out of 2 NFTs, a Cool Cat token, and a Mutant Ape token.

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