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NFT – Cristobal Balenciaga Launched today is To the Moon Drop.


Cristóbal Balenciaga to launch massive couture NFT

Balenciaga, a luxury fashion house headed by Lorenzo Riva is launching a huge NFT collection. Called “To the Moon”, this collection has been designed in partnership with Cointelegraph. The collection has more than 8000 never seen, original designs from the man himself – Cristóbal Balenciaga.

Cristóbal had a humble start in life – as an apprentice to a local tailor and eventually became famous for his novel clothing. Items such as the cocoon coat and sack dress changed how women’s fashion evolved in the ‘50s. Riva was the artistic designer for the brand and got many of Cristóbal’s original designs.

By partnering with Cointelegraph and adding Art Vein as a collaborator, many of these original designs are being released as an NFT. In all, there are around 10,000 pieces of unique fashion up for grabs. The team also offers a host or gifts and rewards to make the entire NFT purchase process an unforgettable experience. Minters will be able to get designer items, gift items and even original drawings. These drawings are 70+ years old.

According to reports, the team has picked out 50 unusual and unique designs to be part of a rare Balenciaga collection. These NFTs are redeemable and offer top of the line functionality. This NFT collection is causing waves in the fashion world and outside. Though the brand is over a 100 years old, Cristóbal’s work is still beautiful and relevant. Look for this NFT’s launch on the marketplace.

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