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NFT game with vision to merge utility with assets


Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have exploded in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Now, the NFT hype is set to get even bigger as a variety of NFT games are being developed. These games allow players not just to earn real money by playing but also offer an understanding of how NFTs work. One of the games that’s generating a lot of hype recently is Hewer. According to the folks who developed the game, Hewer will appeal not just to people who are new to NFTs, but also to those who know NFTs inside out.

The team stated that its goal with Hewer is to merge utility with assets, which will keep on appreciating. Players will also get to hold cool-looking art pieces. Every Hewer Tag will unlock exciting new features for holders, which are sure to make the playing experience a whole lot of fun.

The game is set to be in a world that has collapsed under the weight of a terrible, 100-year long plague. However, over the course of these 100 years, some in the game world grew immune and came to be known as the Hewers. As time passed, the Hewers got together and formed a Hewer Clan. Every clan member has their very own tags, with the tags confirming their respective in-game abilities.

The members of this clan will be divided into four factions – Bandits, Riders, Necromancers, and Gentlemen. These factions will be dependent on factors such as the behavior of clan members along with where they live. The importance of the factions within the game comes to the fore when it comes to the earning opportunities of the clan members.

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