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NFT-TiX and United Music Events Team Up for VIP Festival Experience


NFT-TiX, a fast-growing company that focuses on selling tickets and digital tickets for events, has joined forces with United Music Events. Their collaboration will include exclusive VIP sections at two upcoming music festivals in Prague called Hardmission and Techmission Festival in 2023. These special areas will be known as the “NFT-TiX VIP Lounge,” where people with VIP tickets can enjoy a luxurious and unique experience.

Emil R. Ljesnjanin, the boss of NFT-TiX, is very excited to work with United Music Events to create memorable experiences for fans at the two music festivals. The VIP lounge will offer special perks and high-quality services for the guests. Anco Van der Kolk, who started and leads United Music Events, is also enthusiastic about working with NFT-TiX because of their focus on new ideas and keeping customers happy.

United Music Events is famous for organizing fantastic events around the world, and the Hardmission and Techmission Festival will be no different. These festivals combine the best of music and technology, and people can expect to see great performances by artists from many different countries. NFT-TiX wants to make sure fans have the best possible time at these events and is looking forward to making the VIP lounge an experience to remember.

NFT-TiX’s main goal is to make buying and handling tickets safer and more transparent using advanced digital technology. By partnering with United Music Events, they will be able to offer a better experience for festival attendees and showcase their cutting-edge approach, which makes them stand out from other ticket-selling companies.

NFT-TiX plans to keep supporting new ideas and technologies in the ticketing industry, hoping to encourage more people to use digital technology in all parts of the world’s economy. Their partnerships include various types of events such as sports, festivals, entertainment, and tradeshows. Some examples are EXIT Festival, FC Zeljeznicar – Sarajevo Derby, Transmission Melbourne Music Festival, Seadance Festival, Tomorrow Conference, and BREATHE! Convention, which are all part of NFT-TiX’s growing network of events.

NFT-TiX is a highly regarded company that sells tickets using digital technology. Their main goal is to create the best experience for event organizers and attendees by using the latest technology. With constant improvements in digital ticketing, NFT-TiX hopes to change the way tickets are sold and managed, making it harder for fraud, ticket scalping, and uncontrolled resale of tickets. To learn more about NFT-TiX, you can visit their website at

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