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NFT Verification on Marketplaces will be supported by a new Adobe Photoshop feature.


Adobe Photoshop gets a new feature in beta mode, which lets users to create images as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It will also have content credentials that NFT marketplaces can showcase on their portals for every asset.

By rolling out this feature at Adobe Max, the company’s annual conference, the software giant has stepped into the NFTs’ business. As of now, the new feature will be available only in Preview mode as it will take some more time to be ready.

This new feature, which is called Content Credentials, is a welcome change as it lets creators safeguard their digital creations from getting stolen. It can capture data as a picture is edited on the tool and save it in the form of metadata. In simple words, NFT creators can maintain an ownership record of their artworks.

Content Credentials is an optional feature that will be offered on all key software, including Stock, Photoshop, and Behance to name a few.

Adobe is introducing the feature at a time when NFTs are the trending topic across the world. Many software giants are working on offering their users with functions around this new digital asset. Adobe is the latest to join the list.

Adobe has integrated this function to meet the increasing demand for finding the content’s original creator, which gets showcased with an NFT. If not for this feature, it’s very easy to copy images and mint them on the blockchain. This latest launch is an amazing feature for collectors, creators, and buyers as they get an extra layer of functions to enhance the transparency.

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