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NFT Wallet and Space Portal Kaloscope Exhibited with ColossalBit at the CED2021

Kaloscope, a mobile social platform that equips its users with the potential of storing, displaying, sharing, and interacting with NFTs through technological advancements such as AR/VR/XR. It is the social media metaverse for NFT collectors and enthusiasts, simply the ones who love NFTs and believe in their concept.

It is the latest entry in the list of social media platforms that are there to connect with and project NFTs through the integration of technologies like mobile mixed reality.

As witnessed, the social media platform, Kaloscope, attended one of the most significant crypto events of the year 2021, the Crypto Expo Dubai with their key business partner being ColossalBit.

It should be noted that ColossalBit is one of the early investors in the Kaloscope project, and additionally, it has won a landmark auction for the very first Augmented Reality NFT Mural of the world.

Collaborations and Partnerships for a Green Cause

The whole credit of designing this piece of art goes to Amrita Sethi, who is the first NFT artist from the United Arab Emirates. Back at the time of the event, Kaloscope showcased its amazing historic piece of artwork to NFT enthusiasts and crypto lovers.

Following the ending of the Crypto Expo Dubai, the team behind Kaloscope, called the Kalosquad, made an announcement regarding their partnership with Serious Shea, Cleo, the WEF, and the Green Wall. They have reportedly collaborated for the creation of GreatNFTrees to help in the funding of the growth of 1 trillion trees in Africa.

In addition to this, one of the major things to lay an emphasis on is that along with their investment partner ColossalBit, Kaloscope managed to take home the award for best NFT project in the Middle East at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021. It seems that the project has greater intentions to bring a change in the world of NFT along with doing something for the environment.

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