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NFT will be the key to unlocking Web3, HoDooi founder Matt Luczynski says.

According to the latest news and trends coming in from all over the globe, it seems like 2022 will be a good year for the crypto world. With NFTs of various kinds being launched all around the world, the market is ripe for investment. To be precise, NFT is basically just a form of digital signature that protects the rights of an individual creator of a piece of digital content. Thus, it cannot be reproduced and sold. If it is sold to another party, the creator receives a percentage of royalty. If the other party sells it to another one, the original creator still gets a percentage as well as recognition. Thus, the whole system remains transparent and decentralized.

Tyson Fury NFT

The Tyson Fury NFT made a record by being one of the most valuable NFTs out there. It was sold for around 1 million dollars. This NFT was first put up on HOD. It’s an online marketplace for NFTs that was founded by Matt Luczynski. It also supports the multi-chain selling of NFTs. When interviewed, Matt assured that NFTs would boost the launch of Web3.0 and the whole concept of decentralization. With the records that multiple NFTs are breaking, it seems that there is weight to Matt’s words.


Apart from valuable NFTs and the revolutionizing concept of decentralization, altcoins are also seeing a surge. The trend is crystal clear. Decentralization of investment methods and opportunities is inevitable, whether traditional sectors accept that fact or not. The crypto world is on the rise.

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