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NFTs will aid brewers and farmers in preserving Belgium’s UNESCO-listed beer history.

NftClosely tied to abbeys and monasteries, the history of beer production in Belgium dates back to several centuries, way before Belgium achieved independence. A committee from the Belgian Barrels Alliance (BBA) is tapping into the potential of NFTs to preserve the beer culture, which is deeply rooted in Belgium’s heritage.

In a bid to keep the beer heritage alive, BBA has entered into a partnership with environment-friendly NFT platform Zeromint. As mutually agreed, Zeromint will offer exclusively minted Non-Fungible Tokens on GoChain, which is the world’s greenest decentralized blockchain.

BBA will further make the NFTs available to beer fans hailing from around the world. Above all, Belgian Barrels is going to hold an NFT auction to recruit actors for an upcoming cinematic production aimed at highlighting the Belgian beer culture. The movie will be produced by BBA itself.

Belgium Barrels Alliance will give NFT winners the golden opportunity to access vintage-era beer menus. What’s even better is that a major portion of the revenue that will come from the auction will be granted to a Belgium-based charity.

Major Plans Of Belgian Beer Alliance

Belgian Barrels Alliance is committed to more than just incentivizing international beer enthusiasts. BBA is keen to encourage tree plantations and promote skill-building among artisan brewers through focused NFT initiatives. It is guaranteed that relying on NFTs will go a long way in ensuring the preservation and revival of Belgium’s age-old beer culture.

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