Tuesday, November 28, 2023

NFTs will experience unfettered evolution thanks to the Metaverse

The metaverse is already breaking headlines, despite still being at a nascent stage. NFTs in particular have accelerated general interest in the metaverse and blockchain-based games. There are many reasons behind this, namely the exploitative subscription policies of corporate gaming giants like EA or Ubisoft. Blockchain-based games bring an air of change to the pay-to-win model by introducing the play-to-earn model. The play-to-earn model is based on the concept of true ownership, that only NFTs can provide as of now. On top of that, the metaverse is the very foundation on which these transactions and exchanges will take place. Games like Axie Infinity have already shown how the metaverse can bring real change to people’s lives. In continuation of this trend, many blockchain-based games now offer players the chance to earn money through the metaverse, mostly through the acquisition and exchange of NFTs.

NFTs, in gaming, are not only a tool for artwork preservation and dissemination. Instead, it often acts as currencies enabling players to buy in-game features and add-ons. It is now leading a wave of revolution on the NFT landscape, and the sector is reaching a stage of maturity.

The metaverse has done a great job of bringing NFT and blockchain enthusiasts together on a platform where they can interact. As a result, the demand and inspiration for NFTs are also growing. As the metaverse matures further, we can expect an unprecedented scale of innovation and evolution in NFTs.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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