Friday, June 21, 2024

Nifty News: One NFT for every human on the planet, as well as the Pixelmon saga.

A Dutch artist has created an NFT collection which has 7.9 billion items. This the same number as people on the planet. It was done as a social experiment. The artist’s name is Dadara and he tied up with a digital rights platform called RAIRtech. These identical NFTs are in a collection called “CryptoGreymen” and was set up on the Polygon Ethereum network.

Each identical NFT has a serial number which is sequential and goes up to 7.9 billion, one for each person on the planet. This collection/social experiment is one which the artists hopes will rattle the reality we live in and start conversations.

In addition to the experiment, more than 2200 CryptoGreymen are going to be locked up in a room called the Treasury. They will be used as educational devices by a non-profit organization. The outfit called Movement on the Ground will help refugees to learn now to set up crypto accounts and wallets. This is intended to give refugees the acceptance and dignity they deserve.

In other news, first minters of the Pixelmon collection (NFTs) were struggling with buyer’s remorse after seeing the art on which the entire project was based. Each NFT cost 3 ETH to mint. The project raised close to $70 million in funds. Immediately after the launch, many investors were unhappy with the work and claimed that it was tantamount to rug pulling. They also said that the artwork was of sub-par quality. The initial roadmap indicated that each character would be of sharp quality and crisply executed. The company said that it would spend part of the funds to fix this issue and ensure that investors got what they paid for.

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