Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Nimiq Oasis and TEN31 Bank facilitate direct bank-to-crypto exchange with SEPA

Swapping cryptocurrencies has always been prevalent in the crypto market, and it usually takes only a few mouse clicks. The one trade that crypto has yet to master is fiat to crypto. This difficulty is now a thing of the past, thanks to Nimiq Oasis.

In collaboration with the German TEN31 Bank, Nimiq Oasis (‘Oasis’ stands for open asset swap interaction scheme) permits a direct exchange from bank to crypto. It is made possible by utilizing ordinary SEPA bank transfers from any bank in the European Union that accepts immediate transactions. Nimiq developed Oasis to be the best non-custodial connection between Fiat and crypto, designed to deliver a secure and decentralized experience for its customers.

WEG Bank AG’s Founder and CEO, Matthias von Hauff, has reportedly said that WEG Bank AG has been working on various methods to expand its core banking business into the blockchain community. They have now formed a team to create a groundbreaking payment interface. The interface has the potential to alter the way they operate with cryptos and also bolster an inventive and powerful relationship, thanks to Nimiq.

Nimiq was founded in 2017 with the purpose of making blockchain as ubiquitous and user-friendly as the internet. The project’s goal is to establish a blockchain protocol that works in the user’s internet browser on any platform. It would allow for the most accessible and censorship-free payment solutions and value exchange without barriers, for all people.

As per Nimiq’s reports, users of Oasis can deal in Nimiq (NIM) and Bitcoin (BTC) for a maximum of 83,000 euros in one month. It would not even require registration or personal data submission.

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