Friday, December 1, 2023

North Korea: Crypto Hack Accusations Are Fabricated And Invented By US

Pyongyang has accused the US of covertly stealing funds after a UN report alleged North Korea of hacking into crypto exchanges to fund its weapons program. North Korea’s foreign ministry, as per EDaily, has brushed off the report, which stated that hackers had made off with over USD 50 million between 2020 and mid-2021 from three crypto exchanges in Europe, North America and Asia.

North Korea accused the US of being a wiretapping empire, hacking king, and an expert in covert theft. It said the accusations of crypto theft were the sort of fabrication that only the United States was capable of inventing with its distaste of Pyongyang running deep in Washington’s bone marrow.

The foreign ministry described the report and accusations of crypto theft as an “assault on North Korea’s sovereignty”. It such Pyongyang would not tolerate such despicable behavior. North Korea highlighted that the US has always emphasized that cyberspace is an important stage for maintaining its monopolistic dominance. It has equipped the country with vast cyber capabilities. The rogue state said the US is willing to carry out cyberattacks against both its enemies and its allies without hesitation.

Edward Snowden, a whistleblower and former US intelligence agent, had said that American security agencies had spied on their own civilians and tapped phones of European leaders. Furthermore, North Korea accused the US of using the common cyberspace of mankind to realize its hegemony goals. Pyongyang described it as a “shameless act of thievery to label other countries as cybercrime hotspots by pretending to be a cyber police officer”.

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