Sunday, July 21, 2024

North Korean Hackers Attempt to Launder Funds Stolen From Harmony Bridge.

The North Korean hackers behind the Harmony Bridge attack in June 2022 have once again tried to launder the stolen funds. The hackers, as per blockchain sleuth ZachXBT, moved 17,278 Ether worth about $27 million over the weekend.

It was transferred to six different crypto exchanges. ZachXBT tweeted that the move did not disclose which platforms received the tokens and three main addresses carried out the transactions. He said the exchanges were notified about the fund transfers. The sleuth highlighted that three main addresses carried out the transactions.

It should be noted that the movements made by the hackers to launder the stolen funds were very similar to those taken on January 13 when more than $60 million was laundered. The crypto investigator said the funds were moved a few days after the FBI confirmed that the Lazarus Group and APT38 were the culprits behind the $100 million hack. The federal bureau of investigations revealed that the Lazarus Group and APT38 are associated with the DPRK (North Korea) – responsible for the $100 million theft of virtual currency from Harmony’s Horizon bridge.

About 85,700 Ether was processed via Tornado Cash mixer. The funds was deposited at multiple addresses. The hackers started moving around the $60 million stolen funds on January 13 via the Ethereum-based privacy protocol RAILGUN.

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