Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Northwest Arkansas lures remote workers with $10K in Bitcoin

Northwest Arkansas does not usually make it to the headlines, but now the Blockchain Center of Excellence in the region is doing impactful things. According to a recent announcement made by the council president Nelson Peacock, they are looking to bring in new talent from the tech sector to the area. Northwest Arkansas has seen considerable development in its tech sector for the past few years. Now the area’s Life Works Here scheme is trying to cement its position in the tech world.

They have come up with an innovative Bitcoin and a Bike program to draw professionals from the tech industry particularly in the areas of blockchain and decentralization. According to the announcement, recruits will be given about 0.23 BTC and a bike to join the council’s workforce. On top of that, the work will be completely remote.

The impact of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is now being felt across the world. Not just big corporations, even governments are looking for technically adept people who can work in these areas. The lack of skilled workers is also due to the lack of crypto education at a school and college level. However, that is changing slowly, with school curriculums adding cryptocurrency and universities offering courses on blockchain and associated technology. Within the next decade, we can expect a young workforce adept and skilled at handling blockchain and crypto-related issues with ease. For now, corporates and governments will have to continue incentivizing skilled workers and employees.

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