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Not Quite Stable USDD reaches an all-time low in stablecoins.


A matter of great concern is the value of the stablecoins plunging down. At present, the stablecoins market cap is over 150 billion USD.

Incidentally, stablecoins were intended to have a more fixed value as compared to normal digital currencies. It is because of them being pegged to other assets like gold or the US dollar.

However, stablecoins are going through a tough time in the crypto market. The sorry state started after the recent catastrophe of USTC (TerraClassicUSD). Among these stablecoins is TRON DAO’s USDD. This coin was trading at a dismissal price for the last month. In June -19, it dipped at its all-time low value.

Price chart of USDD

According to CMC, the stablecoin began de-pegging from 1 from last month’s middle. At present, USDD’s current price is 0.9523 USD. The current collateralization rate of the TRON USDD is 322.79 percent. However, as of now, the total collateral is over 2 billion USD.

Market cap of stablecoin

The total market cap of stablecoin is greater than 150 billion USD. IT means that there are many high-risk-takers in the digital currency market. A prominent crypto advocate, Lark Davis took to Twitter to mention that quite a few capitals have been sidelined for the time being.

He also added in his tweet that stablecoin’s hold is 150 times higher than BTC’s old at a similar price around five years ago. USDD’s market cap is 691 million USD and that around 0.445 percent in the pool of stablecoin.

Another apprehension is that the liquidity may not be sufficient when people make up their minds to cash. Their employment can be looked upon as a utility. A section thinks that these days traders are quite smart to keep their investments secure. The staking using stable and collaterals offers more functionality.

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