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NY-based Estate Firm allows people to add cryptos to their last wills.

Now it’s possible for people to add their crypto assets to their last wills and testaments. Life Legacy is an estate firm. The firm is based in the state of New York. They help their customers add any digital assets that they have, to the will and testaments they leave behind.

Austin Cassidy, who is the co-founder of Life Legacy, said in an interview that crypto assets have started shaping the financial system of the world. This is as crypto assets are becoming more mainstream, with each passing day. However, there is still a major challenge that will need to be dealt with. This means there are complications when it comes to creating a plan that is financial that can then be passed on. Nearly 20% of all people in the country are owners of crypto assets. As more and more investors enter the industry, this number is only expected to go up.

Leaving Behind Crypto Assets

Cassidy said that they have now made it a reality for owners of crypto assets to leave behind a wallet that is hot. This can be left on exchanges, such as Binance and Coinbase, for any beneficiary. Even charities can be listed as beneficiaries.

A lot of people are skeptical regarding the crypto industry, after the crash last month. However, there exist holders or crypto assets who want to leave their assets to people they love, after they pass on.

Investors will also be relieved to know that this process is online and that Life Legacy is free to use. With just a few clicks of their button, individuals can leave behind their crypto assets to anyone they choose to.

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