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Robert Kiyosaki, Bitcoin is collapsing; I’ll buy when it reaches $20,000.

Robert Kiyosaki, Bitcoin is collapsing; I’ll buy when it reaches $20,000.

The author of the financial book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki, is a well-known figure in the financial world. His opinions are not only valued but actively sought after. Recently, Kiyosaki gave his audience and fans a glimpse of his thoughts on the crypto world. He tweeted that he’ll buy Bitcoin when its value drops to 20k dollars. This implies that Kiyosaki genuinely believes that Bitcoin will be going down this year. This stance of his comes as a surprise because most financial experts deem 2022 to be the year of crypto.

The message behind this tweet

The important thing to note about this tweet, however, is that Kiyosaki does not think that crypto is a bubble. If he was of that opinion, he wouldn’t have declared to buy the dip. It seems that he has high hopes from the spike of BTC. Moreover, Kiyosaki has repeatedly been warning of a collective market crash that includes DeFi as well as stocks and real estate. Another popular opinion that he’s voicing is that crypto will take over traditional assets as primary investments. To his followers, he’s advising to buy the dip of gold, silver, and Bitcoin.


Thus, it’s safe to say that Kiyosaki isn’t a blind critic of crypto. On the other hand, he’s actually hoping for massive profits from Bitcoin itself. Moreover, as he’s an established figure in the financial world, his words do hold some gravity. Rest assured, a lot of his followers will probably buy the dip if it comes.



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