Tuesday, November 28, 2023

What Omarova for OCC Means: National Banking vs. Open-Source Finance

The United States of America will have a new Comptroller of the Currency in Saule Omarova. Brian Quintenz confirmed this news recently, and now the U.S Senate will review Saule Omarova’s track record and capabilities.

Saule Omarova has been in news for quite some time for her anti-crypto outlook and stern belief in traditional financial sectors. Through her academic stint, she published many pieces of research on why the Federal Reserve needs to take charge and private financial sectors should be controlled.

According to Omarova, the 2008 financial crisis created a lasting impact on the United States’ economic landscape. Consumers lost faith in traditional financial sectors and consequently, private fintech firms and cryptocurrencies came up. While in many other fields Omarova’s opinions and stands are considered to be quite radical, it is very conservative when it comes to cryptocurrency. Like many other regulators, she believes that cryptocurrency should be brought under tight regulations and the sector should not be allowed to flourish unchecked. According to her, a dramatic rise in cryptocurrencies will further weaken the Federal Reserve’s hold. While being against cryptocurrency, Omarova is in support of a digital dollar Central Bank Digital Currency. She believes that a strong regulatory framework will benefit the economic sector as a whole.

The state of regulation in the United States of America is increasingly becoming complex and non-conducive to crypto growth and innovation. While firms like Binance have called for a global unified crypto law, anything like that is very improbable given how governments are handling cryptocurrency regulations.

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