Friday, December 8, 2023

On the Sports NFT marketplace, the world’s first Thai athletes are offered.

NFTs might be a novel way for asset management and appreciation but they are resorting to old tried and tested ways to get people more into them. Recently Ju Jitsu and Muay Thai fighters NFTs were launched which can be traded like cards.

Cards have been traded for a long time and the rare ones go up in value. These can be sports cards, pokemon ones or wrestling ones. This is a tried and tested system that has been working out well for collectors in the past few years.

Building upon the same scarcity/price formula, EX sports has entered the world of NFTs with card trading in mind. They make NFTs or sportspersons and give ownership of the NFT to the people. These can be videos, stat cards and memorabilia.

The main idea behind this is to make the marketplace users buy and trade NFTs that were issued by the athletes themselves. This helps the athlete also get a say in what they want to put out there and get some money along the process too. This way the artist, athlete and the buyer get a part of the value of the card. The NFT can also give the buyer access to meet and greet and other events.

EX Sports exclusive partnership with JIFF (Ju Jitsu International Federation) and the IFMA (International Federation of Muaythai Associations) gives them a great talent pool to choose from. They also have a similar partnership with IPF ( International Powerlifting Federation). This gives EX Sports a stronghold in these sports.

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