Thursday, December 7, 2023

OpenSea introduces new NFT marketplace “Seaport”.

OpenSea has launched a new NFT marketplace called Seaport. It offers innovative ways for users to buy and sell non-fungible tokens. The new platform allows bidders to pay for NFTs using different assets, and not just cryptocurrencies.

OpenSea, in an official blog post, highlighted Seaport as a new Web3 marketplace protocol for safely and efficiently buying and selling NFTs. It is for all builders, creators, and collectors of NFTs. Seaport is open-source and decentralized. It has no contract owner and upgradeability. With Seaport, offerers can agree to supply a number of ETH, ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 items. For that offer to be accepted, a number of items must be received by the recipients as indicated by the offerer. Every listing on the new NFT marketplace consists of the same basic structure, including an improved EIP-712 signature payload. But there are a number of different ways for listings to be fulfilled.

One of the options involves choosing a specific listing and creating an implied mirror of that listing. The fulfiller receives all offer items and supplies all consideration items. Seaport also has the option to fulfill any number of listings at once through a set of fulfillment. Each fulfillment corresponds to a single item transfer and shows a group of offer items that the submitter can match with consideration items. The offerers can leverage their coincidence as long as each item on each listing is fully credited after all fulfillments have been applied. This eliminates redundant transfers and allows for novel and efficient transactions.

Offerers can also elect to designate both a zone and conduit on any listing. New zones can be created and new conduits can be deployed. Seaport highlights a zone as an account that performs additional validation prior to fulfillment; it can also cancel the listing on behalf of the offerer. While a conduit is a contract where offerers set token approvals. The zone and conduit enable extensibility and upgradeability in a fully opt-in fashion. It gives creators, collectors, and platforms the ability to make their own choices. The item can optionally specify that some criteria be met for a specific tokenID.

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