Friday, June 21, 2024

Opera introduces Crypto Browser Project to iOS

Opera has launched the beta version of its Web3 browser with a built-in crypto wallet for iOS devices – iPhone and iPad. The Crypto Browser has been available since January for Mac, Windows desktop users and Android mobile users. It offers user-friendly access to Web3 services.

The growth and expansion of the Web3 standards prompted Opera to invest in a dedicated web browser for this new online world. The software company took up the project as more and more regular users become interested in cryptocurrencies and other decentralized platforms.

Jorgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera, highlighted that the interest in Web3 continues to grow. He revealed that the Opera Crypto Browser Project was built to simplify the Web3 user experience. The company believes Web3 has to be easy to use for it to reach its full potential and mass adoption. Arnesen shared that the iOS version of the Crypto Browser has features that its Android and desktop users are already familiar with. It includes a crypto wallet that supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Celo ecosystems. Opera has more blockchain integrations on the roadmap.

Users can buy, sell and transfer blockchain tokens via the new browser. They can also direct access to Web3-based NFTs. The Crypto Browser comes with cryptocurrency mining protection. It blocks cryptojacking scripts that could compromise the performance of the iPhone or iPad.

Moreover, users can see the latest top NFT sales and a news aggregator called Crypto Corner on the browser’s homepage. They can take advantage of live updates about crypto asset prices and gas fees, as well as airdrops. Users will also be delighted with the browser’s security features including a native ad and tracker blocker, pop-up blocker, and an intuitive Cookie Dialogue Blocker.

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