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Optimism Reveals Details About Their Third OP Airdrop: Everything You Need to Know.

On September 18th, Optimism, an Ethereum Layer Two blockchain, announced on Twitter that it had successfully delivered its third $OP airdrop to users. The protocol wants to reward its community members and promote involvement in its administration.

A total of 19 million $OP tokens, worth more than $26 million, were airdropped, according to the Twitter announcement. There were 31,870 different wallet addresses that received these tokens. A blog entry that was released through the Twitter announcement provided more information, stating that the airdrop “allocated 19,411,313 OP to 31,870 unique addresses.”

Users that have been actively engaged in the governance of the Optimism protocol will be rewarded through the airdrop. Users were qualified to receive tokens in this airdrop if they delegated tokens between January 20 at 0:00 UTC and July 20 at 0:00 UTC. Additionally, wallet addresses that were delegated to a delegate who actively participated in Optimism Governance received a special bonus.

No Claims Page
As noted in the statement, there is no claims page for the airdrop. On Monday, September 18th, at 18:10 UTC, the distributions started on their own. To get their tokens, users didn’t have to do anything.

Additionally, optimism forbade users from interacting with websites that directed them to claim the airdrop. There is no need to claim this airdrop, as the tweet said clearly. Avoid interacting with any website that requests it.

For additional information on the allocations and eligibility requirements, consult the blog.

Upcoming Airdrops

For those who missed the third airdrop, there is good news in the optimism. Another airdrop is planned, according to the protocol. In the announcement, it is said that “If you missed out, don’t worry—19% of the total initial supply of OP is dedicated to airdrops,” providing users with a second chance to gain.

The third airdrop from Optimism marks a crucial turning point in rewarding its people and promoting active involvement in its administration.

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