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Options trading for Solana and Cardano has begun on the Delta Exchange


Delta exchange announced recently that they have started trading on Cardano and the Solana which now gives investors a new way of accessing these alternate coins. Initially, they will only have maturities daily while weekly and monthly options will be included later on,

These options give owners the right to buy or sell the coin at a price within a certain timeframe. Put and call have been used in the traditional markets but only recently have been seen in the crypto space.

As of today, Delta Exchange gives you the option to trade in Ether (ETH), Bitcoin(BTC), Bitcashpay (BCP), Binance Coin (BNB), and XRP. To add to this they will add a lot more products over time which will give people more options than ever.

With the crypto market increasing exponentially, the traders are getting bolder and also ignoring warnings by global finance regulatory bodies. Many have however decided to abide by the local body’s directives.

For example, Binance has restricted derivative trading in Hong Kong and for Hong Kong based users after facing pressure from the local bodies. The SEC in the U.S. also plans to get some regulatory practice going in the field of crypto.

Research shows that up to 55% of the market is made up of these derivatives. Delta Exchange knows this fact and is doing their best to have every type of currency on their platform. They are constantly adding more to their roster and improving with these additions. This will help them in the long run as more and more currencies are added and many of them becoming long-term investment options.

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