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Osprey Asset Management has launched the Polygon Fund.


Osprey FUnds LLC is a top crypto asset management company. It recently made public its fifth investment product of 2021. This new product is called Osprey Polygon Trust. With its successful launch, it is now the first and only United States fund with the capability of focused investment in MATIC. MATIC is the in-house token of the Polygon network.

Polygon is among the best framework and protocols for working on autonomous and inter-platform blockchains over and above Ethereuem. It presently has a market valuation of more than $7 billion. The polygon network gives developers a set of tools to create fast, interactive, and cost-effective projects. With the help of Ethereum’s strong security layer, the projects are both safe and effective. Within a short time, Polygon has made its name the first choice for projects with potential. These projects are mainly concerned with the sectors of decentralized finance, non-fungible tokens, and play-to-earn gaming. Osprey is among the set of new crypto funds that are focused on working with institutional investors.

OBT, or Osprey Bitcoin Trust, is licensed as a U.S. SEC reporting firm. Its main business rival is Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, GBTC is managed by Digital Currency Group, the parent company of Coinbase. Coinbase is also acting as the custodian for the fund. Theorem Fund Services will work as the fund administrator, and Grant Thornton will occupy the position of auditor. With a $10,000 minimum investment, the trust will be offered to any accredited investor. Osprey also has plans to list its fund on the OTCQX exchange. It would open up the fund to retail investors as well.

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