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Pantera Capital: Blockchain-Focused Institutional Asset Manager

Starting its journey back in the year 2013, Pantera Capital has marked investments in digital assets and companies that are associated with blockchain technology. This institutional asset manager is committed to providing investors with a full array of exposure to the blockchain space.

Founded by Dan Morehead, Pantera Capital’s global macro strategy has invested more than a billion dollars of institutional allocations. It’s a significant amount considering the fact that the first blockchain hedge and venture funds were created back in the year 2013 by Pantera in the United States.

Moving further in their journey, Joey Krug, the Co-CIO of Pantera, Co-Founded Augur, which was one of the very first decentralized applications that were built on the Ethereum blockchain. Discussing further the types of investments, they are Venture Equity, Liquid Tokens, and Early-stage Tokens.

The Pantera Capital Asset Manager is Thriving in its Space

Well, what adds more to the value of Pantera Capital is the proof that since its inception, the Pantera Bitcoin Fund has soared to a whopping 57,000%. In addition to this, it should be noted that the Pantera Venture Funds have managed to realize $125 million on $23 million of their investment across a spectrum of 26 companies.

The asset manager facilitates the exposure of the inventors to equity in companies and businesses that are building products and services in the aborning blockchain ecosystem. They are backed with the potential to have a look at almost every deal virtually and lead half of the portfolio company investments.

Along with this, the investors will be gaining access and exposure to new, capable, and scalable protocols. It might appear similar to the Venture Capital Equity, but it’s investing in tokens at the time of their private stage.

What’s better than getting exposure to the largest and most liquid digital assets? The Pantera Capital institutional asset manager utilizes their expertise to trade tokens.

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