Sunday, December 3, 2023

Parler launches Solana NFT marketplace, dedicates first collection to Donald Trump

Parler, a social media platform, has introduced DeepRedSky – its new Solana NFT marketplace. To grab eyeballs, the marketplace has dedicated its first collection “Official CryptoTrump Club” to Donald Trump, the US’s 45th President.

Each non-fungible token CryptoTRUMP is unique. It has the images of former President Donald Trump in various settings. 250 of the 10,000 NFT collection is categorized as “extremely rare”.

Christina Cravens, the Chief Marketing Officer at DeepRedSky, said the platform sees some synergies between the decentralized space, free speech, and the idea of less big tech. She highlighted that it doesn’t matter whether one is liberal or conservative. They want a broader conversation, which the new marketplace helps them achieve.

Sam Lipoff, the CTO at Parler, outlined that the platform would feature a wide range of NFTs. He highlighted that there would be “no-politics” on the platform though. Lipoff acknowledged that the site today is very heavily political. And it’s fine but in the coming months, there will be a variety of non-fungible tokens partisan and non-partisan. It hopes to diversify the audience. Lipoff admitted that starting with Donald Trump, a polarizing figure, is a high-risk method, and that too with crypto audiences.

Trump has been known to be anti-crypto. In a 2021 interview, the former US president had described bitcoin as a scam. The Trump administration, in the final days of its term, had also tried to ramp through Treasury restrictions on crypto wallet. Whatever Trump’s take maybe, Lipoff says DeepRedSky is not a case of following the Republican leader. He clarified that they are not trying to copy Twitter.

The executive said the marketplace is not yet enmeshed with Parler. Just powered by it. He reiterated that they are a free speech platform.

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