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Pepe Coin Price raise 33% – and $SPONGE Next Meme Coins to Explode?

As the weekend market flashes green, especially regarding meme coins, like $SPONGE and, the price of the Pepe coin is surging 33% to $0.000001644.

Only a month old, Pepe has given its early investors a 2,777% return. 

In recent days, the declining price of Bitcoin has had an impact on sentiment and prices. Nevertheless, taking a broader perspective and considering the long-term trends, it is evident that the leading cryptocurrency is still showing a 61% increase and remains above its important 200-day moving average.

Technical analysis can be much less significant than momentum and mood in meme coins because they are naturally much more unpredictable than bitcoin because of the intense speculative price action surrounding the sector.

Pepe Price gets support from Elon Musk for a constitutional amendment

In terms of momentum, Pepe soared to a market valuation that was briefly over $1 billion, an incredible feat for such a new coin.

Elon Musk, who has a significant impact on meme coin momentum, just tweeted the following:

Meme coins are far from obsolete, as some have prophesied, with Elon Musk around.

Coins like Pepe, the even more recent and possibly more promising meme coin $SPONGE, Wojak, and even Milady Coin all appear to have much room to run.

Can Pepe be sold for $1?

According to price forecasts for Pepe, the currency might eventually reach $1, representing a 60,827,150 percent increase over its current value. 

Even though it seems unlikely, a small portion of that return could have a profound impact.

No matter what the future holds, individuals who purchased the dip yesterday are sitting on significant profits, proving the Warren Buffett adage to purchase when others are fleeing.

But before Pepe went parabolic, the market was essentially flat. It didn’t take off until more people became aware of it, with momentum feeding back into sentiment to create a positive head of steam.

Hot money may exit as quickly as it enters, so over the last few days, that mood threatened to change.

Pepe coin price is down 37% on a 7-day view.

Pepe was once more than 50% off his peak and is currently 37% off the lead with a 7-day perspective.

Can Pepe coin restart its upward arc now that investors are in the market or searching for an entry point?

Meme currencies have the potential to, up to a degree, detach from the rest of the crypto market and take on a life of their own.

Although speculative movements can cause significant price swings, Pepe’s Sharpe ratio of 1.37 is excellent for a stock, let alone a cryptocurrency. Sharpe expresses risk-adjusted excess returns in terms of volatility’s standard deviation.

Dollar-cost averaging into the market now could be a wise decision if Pepe is taken as a forerunner of a new wave of second-rank meme coins, with Dogecoin and Shiba Inu being the first rank. ($AI) is currently quite alluring. Thus, smart money should seriously consider entering the $SPONGE market and looking into the presale market for up-and-coming prospects.

$SPONGE is the meme coin that could rule them all – up 41% in 12 hours

The meme currency $SPONGE pays homage to the widely known cartoon character Spongebob, although the project, as far as we can tell from the website, has no connection to Nickelodeon. It has increased 41% in value in the past 12 hours.

This may be your coin if you’re searching for the next Pepe.

In just one week, $SPONGE has soared seven times higher in five days, nearly reaching a market cap of $100 million.

It is currently up 41% from yesterday’s short-term low of $0.000470 to today’s high of $0.000665.

There are several positive aspects of $SPONGE. Along with its widespread adoption, suspected support from seasoned pros in the cryptocurrency industry, possible VC involvement, the global impact of its meme, and fantastic performance of landing eight exchange listings, this project is very serious.

Yesterday, $SPONGE was listed on Bitget and

To reiterate, $SPONGE is only one week old. Therefore, purchasers entering the market right now are very much at the start of what may be a huge bull run. 

Importantly, $SPONGE, which can be found at the sponge. VIP may be said to have its roots in Web2, in contrast to Pepe and other meme currencies, and as a result, has considerably higher brand recognition than its rivals. 

The community of $SPONGE has grown tremendously as well. In just one week, the @spongeoneth Twitter account gained 40,000 followers.

The future is promising for $SPONGE.

AiDoge is acquiring $1 million a day – don’t miss this rocket ship

Generative picture AI is being used by ($AI) to create a meme generator. Nothing else on the market is remotely doing what it is, and its presale is underway. 

With its pot currently at $6.5 million, the cutting-edge AI crypto coin is raising a remarkable rate of roughly $1 million per 24 hours. 

The presale price of AiDoge ($AI) will increase by $0.0000296 to $0.00003 in the following stage. 

There is barely $300k left to fund before the current stage expires. Thus, the next stage milestone will probably take place later today. 

There is no time to waste if you want to get the best deals on a coin that blends the meme coin niche’s virality with AI technology’s explosive growth in popularity.

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