Friday, December 8, 2023

PERATERA Project Showed Up at the AIBC Summit 2022 Event

Our global payment solutions, which are designed for fast-growing businesses, help you boost revenue while lowering fraud risks.

Purchases are completed without a hitch thanks to a single integration that provides simplified access to more than 300 domestic and international payment methods, a variety of payout options, and also the skill to conduct business in more than 150 exchange rates. The company recently attended the AIBC Summit 2022 in Dubai.

How Does PERA Work?

Pera Finance creates a versatile as well as sustainable DeFi platform by combining transaction fee-based but also emission-based yield farming methods with a fully decentralized trading competition.

Trading Protocols in DeFi: A New Era

Pera Finance, a first in DeFi, introduces a new type of trader-oriented yield farming protocol based on decentralized trading competitions. The scalable and modular smart contract solutions usher in a new era of financial ecosystems centered on customizable trading competitions.

  • PERA as a Demonstration of Concept

The PERA token is a proof of concept for the trading solutions, which seek to take DEX liquidity to new heights by allowing traders to farm yields. By establishing liquidity and volume-based systems, they hope to be a pioneer in the field of trading protocols.

  • DeFi Trading Strategies

All DEXs, yield farming models, as well as derivative platforms, can incorporate Pera Finance’s trading solutions. By letting traders yield farms, we hope to increase the overall volume as well as the liquidity of the DeFi market.

  • DeFi 2.0

The internal volume oracle of the PERA smart contract allows DeFi platforms to use their users’ volume data as a variable in their finance system. The inclusion of traders in the yield farming structure will become the beginning of DeFi 2.0, just as liquidity mining was the starting point of DeFi.

What is the purpose of PERA?

Using Hybrid Token Mechanics to Improve DeFi

Yield farming rewards are commonly used in the DeFi space to boost supply-side liquidity through unsustainable emission-based or Tx fee-based reward mechanisms. Even so, neither of the established DeFi protocols includes a hybrid farming method that benefits demand-side liquidity creation as well.

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