Monday, December 11, 2023

From the perspective of ADALend’s CEO, a new perspective on native Cardano DeFi has emerged.

ADALend is a platform that is designed in a way to allow its users to work in a self-governed environment. The CEO of ADAlend, Kaspars Koskins, reveals that the company is working hard to lend its user’s digital assets, ultimately making it a unique and innovative platform. The smart contracts will be playing a lead role in backing up digital assets as and when demand will increase the value of your assets on ADALend.

Since it is going to be based on Cardano Blockchain, the company will have a certain set of protocols that they need to follow. This platform will help its user to provide loans to those people who are in need. Most of the users will be able to earn handsome profits.

What does Kaspars say on decentralized Cardano?

In a recent interview with Kaspars Koskins, certain revelations on his part are made as he spoke about his views on decentralized Cardano. As per Kaspars, Cardano is the most reliable and efficient network. If we compare Cardano to other famous networks, including Solana and Ethereum, most of the digital asset platforms are sometimes complex and have high costs in each transaction. For example, Ethereum charges heavy transaction fees for every transaction. Also, the network of Solana is centralized.

Cardano Blockchain seems to have an advantage because of the wide availability of enormous digital currency. The platform is seemed to become Cardano-Native as it has been developed with the help of Haskell and Plutus while following all the guidelines of Smart Contract.

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