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Philadelphia is launching its own blockchain program

The potential of blockchain technology is not unknown both inside and outside crypto communities. It is making entry into different sectors, including healthcare, gaming, and record keeping. In such a circumstance, it does not come as a surprise that many government authorities are trying to reap the benefits of this technology. In a new development, the city of Philadelphia is opting for blockchain technology incorporation in their regular activities. Most of this work revolves around municipal duties such as record keeping, analyzing data, and securely storing information. Blockchain works well in each of these sectors and has the potential to surpass the preexisting technologies in place.

Mark Wheeler, the City of Philadelphia Chief Innovation Officer, talked about bringing blockchain technology to the city’s official work mechanisms on Monday. Talking about the upcoming project, he said that the government wants to work in close cooperation with blockchain and smart contract experts. To move forward with the initiative, city officials are contacting leading blockchain experts and discussing how to best integrate the technology with the municipality’s day-to-day activities. They are also assessing the benefits, drawbacks, and limitations. In terms of limitations, the biggest problem is the lack of expertise. It would be difficult for regular workers to get used to working in the blockchain.

In 2021, blockchain technology is more widespread than ever, and for good reason. It is more secure and robust than all existing systems and can accommodate a wide range of use cases. With a successful blockchain program, Philadelphia will be paving the way for other cities and councils.

Cryptured Team
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