Sunday, June 23, 2024

Philanthropy Is Changing Due to Anonymous Crypto Donors

A, courtesy of loud donors who promote their donations extensively on social media. #cryptogivingtuesday trending on Twitter, while many donors detailed their donations to various charitable organizations around the world. While these public donors have had a huge impact in bringing crypto to the mainstream, another set of donors has continued their tremendous work away from the limelight. Private crypto donors are reshaping the vision of donor privacy that was a sought-after goal of the early privacy adopters. Private crypto donors have crossed many benchmarks in terms of how much and where they donate, but nobody knows the entity behind these donations. While the same feature of cryptocurrency enables cybercrimes, it is changing the landscape of philanthropy in the world.

Income redistribution is a core value in the decentralization movements. The very need for such technology comes from the fact that too few have too much in their control. Private crypto donors continue this great work in the background and help the community near its goal.

Public donations also come with a shot of problems for donors. Governments and nonprofit organizations both love to gather as much data s possible from donors. For the authorities, it is an easy way of wealth screening. For the nonprofit groups, data about donors help them raise funds for future projects since they don’t have to spend money on acquiring new donors. Anonymous donation solves the problem for both not-for-profit organizations and donors, but the government will have its argument against it.

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