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Fall Below the Philippines Minimum Wage Line’ – the average Axie Infinity player’s daily earnings.

Axie Infinity blockchain game has seen explosive growth in recent months. Developed by Sky Mavis and launched in 2018 in Vietnam, it recently crossed sales worth $3 billion. The unique thing about this game is that many of its players have been earning an income simply by playing. However, they have seen their earnings come down in recent times. They were earning sufficiently, but now the earnings have gone down lower than the minimum wage prevalent in places like the Philippines. This game is based on Ethereum and takes advantage of technologies like distributed ledger network. It has seen $3.23 billion in sales of non-fungible tokens.

Drop in Daily Earning of the Players

While this video game has become quite popular, the players who used to make money from playing this game have seen their daily earnings drop in recent months. These players, who are called scholars in the Philippines, have seen their earnings drop below the minimum wage for that country. Even the earnings of high-ranking players have been affected. It indicates a slowing down of this game’s growth.

Increasing Active Users

Its active users have been increasing and there were almost 2 million daily users active in playing this game. Analysts keeping a watch on blockchain games suspect a drop in its active users if the earnings drop for the players who play this game for money. These players have loyalty to the game only as long as they are able to earn an income. High retention shows loyalty to the game but retaining workers dependent on payments is not easy when their earnings start falling.

These indicators show its explosive growth may be coming to a halt unless the company is able to find some solutions to retain the players. It should ensure an income for those players who play it for money.

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