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Pillar: The Best Community-run, Multichain DeFi Wallet

Formed of a total of three core groups, the Pillar Team, Foundation Board, and DAO, Pillar is a project that can be considered committed to simplifying the world of Decentralized Finance. Led by Michael Messele, the CEO of Pillar, the team behind the project is composed of some of the most influential technologists, crypto enthusiasts, and business and legal veterans.

The platform offers low to no gas fees and allows the user to get access to in-app curated insights so that the user can learn to make some money out of the platform. Discussing further the platform, it should be noted that the private keys are secured by smart contracts.

In addition to this, we should lay an emphasis on the fact that the platform is completely decentralized and promotes data privacy. It is an open-source and non-custodial wallet that is owned and run by the community DAO.

Pillar is a platform where you can place your tokens, decentralized application, and Decentralized Finance services. What contributes more to the value of Pillar is that it facilitates the establishment of a seamless connection to Ethereum, xDai, Binance Smart Chain, and more.

Pillar Offers Privileged Services to its Customers Under One Roof

Pillar might be the only platform in its space that grants the PLR token holders powers to make decisions over the roadmap of the product, DAO treasury, and funding new initiatives. Moreover, the platform rewards the community for their contributions to the betterment of the platform.

As of now, the PLR token has managed to acquire the verified badge on Quickswap, PancakeSwap, Uniswap, and HoneySwap. It’s time to manage your entire crypto portfolio – cross-chain, cost-optimized, and user-friendly (powered by Pillar’s native Etherspot).

Manage the treasury and shape the future of the Pillar project by voting on development, marketing, and business initiatives.

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