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Pixelmon rocks the market with “ugly” NFT collection, a “horrible mistake”

Pixelmon’s most talked about NFT collection which was released on OpenSea on February 28 has been called out for its “ugliness”. The collection is made up of 6,666 tokens. It has been described as “a huge mess of irredeemably ugly pixel art”. And this has left investors furious.

The owners of Pixelmon’s NFTs are selling the tokens for far less than what they bought them for. The price of the tokens is constantly falling and is even said to be below the minting price. Syber, the head of the Pixelmon project, admitted that the quality of the NFTs is unacceptable. He also said that it was “a horrible mistake”.

The team took to Twitter to explain that every NFT is updateable, thus the quality will continue to increase. Pixelmon defended its 3D Pixelmon saying that they tried something new which was never before done on the OpenSea marketplace. It pointed out that the tokens are beyond the regular image or video. However, Pixelmon apologized to its investors. The platform revealed that it felt pressured and they weren’t ready to push the artwork. It said that the work doesn’t represent the brand.

Pixelmon was initially very much excited about its work and reveal, but put itself down given the quality put out. To make it right, Pixelmon will continue working overnight and onwards until its solved. It will keep its investors and customers updated on the same.

The official statement pointed out that what the platform has now was built before it raised any funding from the NFT sales. Their immediate step is to resolve the issues. Pixelmon has pledged $2 million in an effort to revamp and redesign its NFTs at a higher quality. It will find a reputed studio to do the redesigns.

Syber promised to make amends. Pixelmon added that the utility of each NFT will remain the same, with land and token airdrops to continue. Only the NFT designs will be redone.

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