Thursday, June 20, 2024

Pixelynx to Roll Out Elynxir Music Metaverse Gaming Platform.

Pixelynx, a Web3 startup, will introduce its Elynxir music metaverse gaming platform this week with the launch of an AR scavenger hunt which will be set throughout Miami Beach. Elynxir is being built on Polygon.

Inder Phull, the co-founder and CEO of Pixelynx, said the scavenger hunt quest is called “Go Astral”. He described it as a Rock Band meets Pokemon Go experience. The Elynxir app, like Pokemon Go, will layer digital content atop users’ real-world surroundings when viewed through a smartphone. Users can interact with music-themed items in the world. moreover, users during the scavenger hunt can win one of the 20 fractionalized pieces of an NFT from an existing blue chip profile picture (PFP) project.

With the fractionalized piece, players can help shape the future of a virtual musician that will be introduced on the Elynxir platform. Pixelynx aims to gamify the concepts of coordination and collaboration. Early users can develop a virtual artist that can thrive within the upcoming music metaverse platform.

Phull said they to give a number of winners the promise of voting rights to this virtual act. He explained that it’s for the community to then collaborate and make proposals on how the virtual artist will evolve. Phull highlighted that Deadmau5 and Hawtin may be among the artists that ultimately collaborate with Elynxir’s virtual act. Furthermore, Pixelynx has teamed up with a range of labels including Spinnin’ Records and Mau5trap Records. The virtual artist will also join others to form a supergroup on the music metaverse platform.


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