Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Play-to-earn game MonkeyBall is the inaugural flagship IDO on StarLaunch

MonkeyBall is a Solana-based game that allows its players to earn by playing it. It will be the first launch partner for StarLaunch that plans to offer a Solana-based incubation platform and initial DEX offers. Future sales expectations depend on the first IDO. The project caliber and the results expected by participants will determine the outcome of the sales. MonkeyBall has been selected by StarLaunch because of its loyal community of players and the investors who back it due to its strong fundamentals. The game has high production value and competes well with the top games in its category.

Scheduled Sale

The sale will start on November 30th and the registration will start on 27th. It will come with the offer of 1% MBS tokens of total supply, which comes out to 10 million of 1 billion tokens. These MBS tokens are set at the price of $0.04. The offer will have $40 million diluted valuation. This game is similar to Final Fantasy. Here the monkeys are used as soccer players. Each game player controls and owns monkeys who are used to win matches against other teams. Winners receive MonkeyBucks known as MBS tokens. These tokens power the economy of this game.

The Game Economy

Players earn MBS by completing missions, owning stadiums where games are hosted, cheering their favorite monkey teams, and attending matches. They can spend their MBS tokens on improving the features and specifications of their monkey team. The tokens can be used to purchase in-game items at the store. The store and treasury are managed by a decentralized autonomous organization of the game. This DAO is governed with SCORE token, ensuring user-ownership and transparency in transactions.

MonkeyBall has a bright future as an on-chain game. The flagship IDO is highly anticipated with increasing interests of players and investors in play to earn online games. The StarLaunch CEO expects this game to set standards for other high-quality projects that are planned for a launch on this platform

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