Monday, December 4, 2023

Play-to-earn principles level the playing field for AI data collecting with big tech.

Artificial intelligence is being incorporated a lot more into different activities. The current use is for training data sets. Using good training data helps models learn quickly and this helps in making the right decision.

The only stumbling block is that good data is hard to access because large technology firms guard their information carefully. Buying data over time becomes expensive. This, in turn, limits the number of projects that can benefit from AI use cases.

One company has offered a way out and offers data so that AI training can happen – Synesis One. This company has made it possible for users to generate new data sets and use them for AI. These can be pegged to an NFT. Using it via NFT puts data in a decentralized space and makes it ready to access for AI projects. User owners of the data have been rewarded for their offerings as projects access the available information.

The Synesis platform is now the first in the world to have a DAO play-to-earn data farming and for being the first data marketplace using NFT on Solana. This unusual concept is being driven forward by teams and recently signed a landmark deal. This deal could probably be the one to set up AI data as a use case in play to earn gaming.

Working side by side with companies like Mind AI and Yield Guild Games, the first client for this project will produce conversational AI systems which use natural language for reasoning. This is expected to unleash P2E power and generate plenty of revenue.

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