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Police in the United Kingdom have returned $5.4 million to victims of crypto fraud.

The craze of cryptocurrency has spread like a wildfire during this decade. Ever since bitcoin noted record-breaking gains, there have been new wallets, new investors as well as new scammers. The UK government recently unraveled an extravagant amount of cryptocurrency on USBs found.

Whose funds are these?

These funds are traced back to many investors around the globe. People from the UK, China, the United States, Australia added funds in an apparent online trading scheme. This comes under the name of Binance Smart chain. Many people invested their life savings in the hope of witnessing stark growth. But all these people were scammed. The people behind Binance shifted the funds of the investors to private accounts and removed the website.

The government has been able to trace some investors that lost their money in this scheme and is going to return the money to them. This sums up to about $5.4 million! This is a huge step in the regulation of crypto-currency technology. But there is still a lot to do.

Advice for the people

UK Government has warned people to be aware of these scams. As the activity in blockchain technology is increasing, so is the spamming and scamming. People should invest their money with due diligence. They should cross-check backgrounds, be sure of the legibility of any blockchain technology platform or firm. Since there is a lack of education on these concepts, there is a lot of gray space. This is what the hackers, the scammers take advantage of. So, the police have urged the people to be more informed and cautious in the future.

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