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Police in the United Kingdom seize $4.9 million in cryptocurrency from alleged darknet drug traffickers

International police, in an operation titled “Dark HunTor”, have seized crypto worth $4.9 million in a crackdown on alleged drug traffickers on the dark net. The criminals who have been booked were involved in the buying and selling of unauthorized goods across a far-reaching global network.

For carrying out the operation, the police collaborated with the Darknet enforcement team and busted a cluster of 150 traffickers allegedly involved in illicit trade. Since the criminals trading goods and services had a massive network on dark net, the crypto transactions were not limited to a particular country.

In fact, the drug trafficking network was operational across several countries like Australia, Europe, Italy, France and the United States. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) revealed that the vendor profiles on dark net were active on various markets including Wall Street, Whitehouse and Dream.

In addition to identifying the illicit use of virtual currencies, Operation Dark HunTor also resulted in the seizure of drugs amounting to 234 kilograms. Authorities like the FBI are committed to shut illegal dark net markets where illicit traders make profits through drug sales at the cost of people’s safety.

Illicit crypto activities increase amidst booming popularity of Bitcoin (BTC)

While illegal crypto activities are on the rise on dark net, official authorities around the world are continuously conducting crackdowns to prevent illicit trade online. Since online crypto platforms and financial institutions are working hard towards improving security standards, illegal crypto trade is expected to come to a halt soon.

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