Friday, December 1, 2023

Politician claims that the Moscow Exchange makes a solid platform for crypto trading.

The Russian financial climate has been highly turbulent in the middle of the ongoing war with Ukraine. Mounting sanctions from other countries have been pouring in and adding fuel to the fiscal crisis. The crypto ecosystem also faced its fair share of fluctuation since then as Russia struggles to gain back accessibility to the international map of finance. Word on the Russian crypto grapevine is that there is a plan to establish a crypto exchange in the country’s capital. According to a top government official who works in finance, a full-fledged crypto trading platform is being considered to oversee local crypto activities. This would go a long way in getting a legalizing nod for crypto-related affairs from the Russian government. The one being named as who should get to host it is none other than MOEX, Russia’s biggest bourse.

Russia To Get A Local-Run Crypto Exchange?

The top Russian politician Anatoly Aksakov has set off the rumor mill and has made the spotlight land on Russia’s contradictory views towards cryptocurrency yet again. He is part of legislative efforts unfurling behind the scenes to give a green light to bring crypto under legal policies and legitimize crypto activities of the nation. Purportedly, the Russian government officials believe that setting up of a crypto platform locally which diligently follows the regulations laid down by the centrally-operating bank is the right decision. This would also make sure that the domestically-run crypto exchange would pay heed to an esteemed organisation that has rich cultural history and fulfil all crypto functions successfully.

The Russian administration and agencies have been devising a legal bodywork to push the boundaries of Russia’s current crypto stance, though there has been some resistance to this. Legislators are said to soon be coming out with rules that would officially bring cryptocurrency activities in Russia under a proper authority and regulation. Russia however has been having a hot-and-cold relationship with crypto, in spite of cryptocurrency being recognized as a means of international payment now. All of this comes on the heels of MOEX pledging to safeguard its investors’ interests and push back against EU’s crackdown on NSD, which was part of its global sanctions.

The newest development offers little clarity about what Russia actually plans to do about crypto in the near future. Some Russian officials have also voiced out their dissent towards the crypto takeover in the country citing reasons of volatility and unadvertised risks. They have so far favored only foreign-operated crypto exchanges as opposed to a domestically-operated one. Russia continues to hold on to its oscillating views in the realm of crypto as its future becomes more volatile and convoluted.

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