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Polkadot price increases up to 7%: surge in development activity.


Over the previous week, the price of the Polkadot increased by about 8%. At the time of publication, DOT, Polkadot’s native token, was trading at $6.46, beginning the week with no change in the price following a busy week.

Yet, while DOT has started the week in a neutral position, the Polkadot ecosystem continues to experience significant development activity, which, when paired with other indicators, offers insight into the future of both Polkadot and DOT.

Polkadot tops in development activity

Compared to other blockchains like Cardano and Ethereum, Polkadot has more daily development activity on GitHub.

In terms of development activity, according to a tweet from ProofofGitHub earlier today, Polkadot is leading, followed by Osmosis Network, SSV Network, Cardano, and Ethereum, in that order.

Over the last week, Polkadot has seen a high pace of dApps development activity, and the pattern appears to be holding over into the upcoming week.

Why is there such a high level of development activity?

Polkadot has some chains inside its infrastructure that run various decentralized applications (dApps).

A robust team of developers and contributors committed to Polkadot’s success may be indicated by the project’s high level of development activity. DOT and other Polkadot ecosystem coins may experience increasing momentum if projects achieve a critical mass.

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