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Polygon Blockchain Most Sought For By Big Brands and Projects.


Despite the downturn in the global crypto market and the ongoing uncertainty, Polygon has continued to make a niche for itself. The Polygon blockchain has attracted big names and brands in the market, from Starbucks to Meta for its Instagram users, and Nike to Disney.

The buzz has pushed up the price of Polygon’s native token MATIC and heightened the reputation of CEO Ryan Wyatt and Polygon Studios. Wyatt joined Polygon Studios in February this year. He brought in new people with traditional web and brand experience to empower the highly technical, Web3-savvy builders already in the space.

Wyatt explained that the impact is bigger with Web2 companies and the implications are always bigger for those partners because they are going through the space for the first time. He said they are being very strategic in the way that they are doing it. And it’s a different experience. Wyatt shared that his team’s goal is largely to understand the perspective partner’s Web3 vision, convince them that Polygon is the ideal platform to build it on, and provide support to bring that vision to life. He believes bringing together experienced big tech veterans with Web3 natives, who live and breathe this space yields a group at Polygon Studios, can help Web2 brands get over the hump and embrace NFTs and decentralized models.

The executive sees this as a kind of secret sauce. Polygon hopes the brand push will yield network effects that will convince other companies to build on their blockchain.

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