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Polygon(MATIC) Brings Web3 to Blockchain Economy Istanbul in Turkey.


Blockchain Economy Istanbul is the most anticipated and significant blockchain event in Turkey, and IstanBlock is its standout event. IstanBlock conference allows you to mix with blockchain experts, government leaders, business tycoons, and of course top tier media outlets that specialize in sharing news and information from this ever-evolving space. It will culminate a week’s worth of incredible side attractions, exhibitors, and speakers from the worlds of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The league partner for the competition chosen for the tournament was Polygon, which connects the Ethereum(ETH) blockchain and connects Ethereum-based projects. As an ERC-20 token, MATIC is interoperable with other cryptocurrencies built on the Ethereum platform. MATIC is used to manage, protect, and settle network transaction fees on the Polygon network.

The native cryptocurrency token of Polygon is MATIC. PoS consensus is the operating system for polygon plasma chains. All transactions on the plasma chains will be paid for using MATIC. Because of this, demand for MATIC rises as more companies adopt Polygon as a scaling option.

By allowing holders to decide which of the various planned scaling solutions should actually be implemented, MATIC also functions as a governance token.

Holders of the token may vote on whether a new layer-2 scaling solution is adopted by Polygon as part of its product line if the community favors it and wants Polygon to incorporate it. Holders of MATIC tokens can so choose how Polygon will be run through governance voting.

For a number of reasons, cryptocurrency aficionados think Polygon is an excellent investment. The project might take over as Ethereum’s preferred layer-2 solution. The group aggressively pursues unique cooperation prospects since they are strong and ambitious. The project provides answers to issues that Ethereum users have long complained about. Polygon has proven to be dependable throughout time.

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