Monday, December 4, 2023

PolySwarm Was A Gold Sponsor at the 7th European Blockchain Convention.

PolySwarm, a decentralized, crowdsourced malware intelligence security provider, was a gold sponsor at the 7th European Blockchain Convention which was held in Barcelona in June. The platform incentivizes rapid innovation in the $8.5 billion per year anti-virus and automated cyber threat intelligence space.

Moves to Mainnet

PolySwarm moved all cybersecurity threat detection engines to its mainnet. It now transacts with its proprietary nectar (NCT) tokens to unite a robust network of threat research experts such as Crowdstrike and SentinelOne with enterprise customers like Microsoft and Verizon that use the platform for protection from new and emerging online threats.

PolySwarm acknowledges the increasing impact and sophistication of cyber attacks on businesses. Exploitations have left businesses struggling to identify actionable intelligence in a massive sea of data and noise. It has hit their ability to prioritize, focus and scale with confidence and speed. PolySwarm says its full transition to Mainnet marks a major step in the platform’s mission to democratize cybersecurity by unifying a historically fragmented threat intelligence industry of overstretched defenders.

As such, PolySwarm has accommodated billions of transactions in Testnet and Mainnet. It has detected over 300 million malicious threats. Moreover, its Mainnet transactions continue to scale as more suppliers and consumers enter the marketplace.

Cohesive Platform

Steve Bassi, PolySwarm’s CEO, said they have created a cohesive platform with the NCT token fully operating on the Mainnet. It provides comprehensive malware detection solutions for clients and redefines the economics of cybersecurity. Bassi highlighted that blockchain technology provided the means for them to solve long-running frustrations within the industry. PolySwarm provides better, more actionable malware intelligence with quality and speed. Its ambitious NectarNet program is distributing about $1337 in NCT rewards each day to users who downloaded a Chrome extension. This makes it possible to receive such rewards by just browsing the internet.

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