Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Ponzi Schemes have tarnished the industry’s image, says Uganda Blockchain Advocate

Educating people about blockchain and cryptocurrencies is the right way to help them get the best out of these technologies. It helps them avoid crypto scams. Africa has seen wide adoption of bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. These digital assets are now being used in place of fiat currency in many regions of Africa.

The Platform for Advocacy of Blockchain in Uganda

Nileone blockchain platform in Uganda has been developed by crypto enthusiasts Killian Mugenyi and Daniel Mulondo. The goal of this platform is to educate people about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It is helping people identify potential cryptocurrency scams. This effort has started giving good results. Its promoter Killian informs that the reason for establishing this platform is to make people in Africa aware of Ponzi schemes and scams prevailing and emerging in this industry. The crypto users learn how to avoid these scams and plans. People are being made aware of the values associated with blockchain and crypto technologies.

Has It Made Any Difference

Killian thinks the platform has made a big difference and a lot has been achieved since its launch. Its programs are being shared and promoted by the users because they have found value in them. Government entities, foundations, institutions, and other organizations have been seeking information and support services from this platform. They want to understand this sector and capitalize on the opportunities presented by it. Investors are learning why they should not take it as a scheme to get rich quickly.

The platform has focused mainly on online training. It is being revamped to meet the increased demand for more information and better service delivery.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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