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Prada introduces a new line of clothing. In India, NFT and P2E games are gaining popularity.

Prada, the Italian haute couture and luxury powerhouse is joining the race to make the transition into the sphere of web3 with its brand-new NFT collection. It unveiled its first NFT on June 2nd, 2022. The NFT will be delivered as an accompaniment to elite customers who buy the clothes customized by artist Cassius Hirst. Popularly known by his artistic name Cass, he is the son of Damien Hirst who is the wealthiest artist alive in the United Kingdom. Prada has also planned a social media schedule where it will drop exclusive details about the NFT on their Discord channel known as ‘Prada Crypted’.

Cass teams up with Time Capsule

This is offered in collaboration with Prada’s Time Capsule series which periodically launches a specially designed luxury product around the year on every Thursday for one-day-only. This limited edition of clothes consists of shirts that come in monochrome colours and elegant pill-shaped boxes. The boxes come as a gift and house the digital version of the same. The NFT will bear Cass’s iconic mask emblem and his famous logo which is a pattern of his brain scan. This is a representation of his belief that the mind is a creative repository that can overcome darkness and difficulties.

In India, NFT and P2E games are gaining popularity

In recent years, P2E games or play-to-earn games have become a hot trend that is setting the crypto world on fire. Built around blockchain technology, they are designed to give crypto payments to the players of the games. India has emerged as the number one candidate in the list of most lucrative countries around the world that are welcoming NFT gaming. Specifically, it is a hit among India’s young adult population where players aged 35 and below are topping this global list. China follows behind as a quick second champion with U.A.E. as the third. Asian countries like Singapore and Philippines are also faring well.

On the contrary, a favourable atmosphere is only just beginning to bloom in the Western countries for the realm of NFT gaming. The latest statistics from Finder shows that there is a prolific increase in P2E players in the recent years from India. This is not the case for countries like the United States or France which have a lot of catching up to do. In the upcoming years, the P2E players from the West expected to grow as it prepares to weave a suitable climate for NFT gaming.

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