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Price analysis for the Avalanche: With a bullish market in place, AVAX is aiming for $40.

The price analysis for Avalanche continues to be bullish. This is for the fourth consecutive day. In the past day, the price was able to notch only around 4%. It moved to be as high as up to $21.75. This sideways trend has been seen from AVAX since the 17th of June, 2022. The week before that, the price of AVAX went down to as low as $13.64.

On the 23rd of June after that, the price was seen to increase. Since then, the price has increased by more than around 35%. AVAX gas set its sights to move above the $30 mark. However, buyers need to be cautious about short selling AVAX at around $20.

The Cryptocurrency Market and AVAX

The cryptocurrency market in general showed signs that were positive, over the past day. This is even as the big name cryptocurrencies showed minor increments when it came to their price.

When it comes to the AVAX however, the price is seen to be heading in an upward direction. This is due to the price action over the weekend. AVAX has managed to secure the interest of buyers. This has enabled it to keep the target of $30. This is even as the present trend regarding the price moved to the sell-off level that is expected, at around $19.44. This fifty day movement that is crucial can also indicate that there is a bullish sentiment that is available in the market.

This was the Avalanche price analysis, and what you can expect from AVAX in the future.

Cryptured Team
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