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Price Analysis of Various Cryptocurrencies

The prices of crypto tokens tend to be quite volatile. These fluctuations can either make or break one’s portfolio in just a single day. Here is a price Analysis of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies:


Bitcoin is finally showing some promise after it’s dry run. Investors are buying a dip and that’s definitely a positive sign. It may hit the mark of 52K dollars if things go well.


ETH is a major altcoin in the market, and things aren’t really looking good for it. It has dropped by 2.2K dollars. Earlier, experts had deemed it to be the next Bitcoin. However, it is constantly fluctuating around the price mark of 2K dollars.


XRP is being sold at a fast pace by bears. It’s price will rise to 0.9 dollars, if things go well. Otherwise, it is estimated to drop even further. Its current price is at 0.75 dollars.


Binance Bulls are trying their best to keep this currency afloat by buying the dips below 400 dollars. However, if the price remains under 400 dollars, chances are that it will end up at 347 dollars.


Like all the other cryptocurrencies in the market, Cardano is also facing dips. The price is hovering around at 1 dollars, but if it falls below that, it might end up at 0.8 dollars.


LUNA bulls are also making efforts to keep the price of the cryptocurrency above 50 dollars. If it drops below that, things can get messy.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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