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Price forecast for cryptocurrencies in 2022.

With decentralization efforts in full effect, a lot of investors are wondering about the potential price changes for a variety of cryptocurrencies in 2022. After the global correction in the crypto market, a lot of cryptocurrencies have seen massive dips. However, that is quite normal after a global correction. Even after this, it is estimated that 2022 will be a decent year for decentralized finance as well as for cryptocurrencies in general. There are, of course, some coins that will not make it by the end of the year. Yet, the industry giants will be quite stable. For instance, SOL was one chain that was supposed to be the Ethereum killer. However, this chain that was supposed to take over Ethereum in the near future saw a loss of 20% after reaching the top 10 list of coins.

Price Forecast


For Bitcoin, the opinions are quite divided. Many think that Bitcoin will see massive increases in price. Although, very few consider 2022 to be the end of Bitcoin. One professor has estimated that Bitcoin will fall to 10K USD. If that happens, it will be nothing short of an investment disaster for a lot of people as well as companies. However, that is considered an unlikely scenario. On a brighter note, many think Bitcoin will touch the value of 70K USD this year.


Ethereum will also see a price increase. Due to it being the primary altcoin chain, it will definitely follow Bitcoin’s trend. If the prices of Bitcoin go up, the value of ETH will also go up as its main rival.


BNB is another coin that is being talked about. Its forecast isn’t exactly clear, but it’s a good coin to keep an eye on.

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