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Professor at Wharton Warns About Inflation, Predicts Many Rate Hikes, and Says Bitcoin Is the New Gold for Millennials

As 2022 has rolled in with a new variant of Coronavirus, there have also been talks about the situation of the market. It seems that the whole market will be quite volatile in the coming time. According to a professor at Wharton, there can be a situation of inflation in the coming time. He has warned investors that they should tread carefully. The finance professor, Jeremy Siegel, has also raised concerns over the current condition of gold in the market.

He said that gold has disappointed a lot of investors. Going forward with his analysis, he linked the disappointing figures of gold with Bitcoin and crypto in general. He remarked that gold has now been successfully substituted for Bitcoin by the Millennials. The millennials, according to him, consider Bitcoin to be the gold of the future generations. Gen Z, in fact, has shown a massive interest in DeFi investment opportunities and crypto in general.

Price Hikes

The reason behind price hikes that can be seen in the future, according to the professor, will be Feds. A lot of government organizations are putting up massive resistance to cryptocurrencies. Thus, Feds will be hiking the prices in the market intentionally so that traditional investment options are favored once again over decentralized investment options.

The Conclusion

It’s not clear as of now whether there will be intentional inflation in the upcoming time. However, the fact that traditional bodies and the already-rich investors in traditional investing sectors do not like decentralized ways of investment is pretty clear.

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